Sunday, July 26


The best Italian food EVER.

The only thing that would make it better is free salad like Olive Garden :)

Jessica, I'm taking you, and I don't care what you say! You're going.
PS - There are a ton of attractive boys that work there.

That is all.

Saturday, July 25

It's about time..

I knew this is what would happen when I start a blog...I would be obsessed with it for a few posts, then completely forget about it. I'm trying, but sheesh, it's just one more thing to keep up with! I'm going to get better though, so, all you followers (ha), don't worry :)

A LOT has gone on since July 8. I mean, it has been 16 days.

Basssssically, I went on a road trip to Dallas for a week with Jessica.
Let's have a quick summary, shall we?
-Drive. Music. Pictures.
-GPS. We couldn't have done it without you, Marcus the Magellan.
-Shopping. Forever 21. Old Navy. Macy's. Ikea. Too much money spent. Pictures.
-Dallas Museum of Art. Sculpture. Oil Paint. Walk Through. Beauty. Pictures.
-Six Flags. HOT. Roller Coasters. Sick. Pictures.
-Antiques. Sweet pants. Keys.
-Movies. My Sister's Keeper. Tears.
-Drive. Detour. Lost. Found. Home.
For details, check out Jessica's page. She's the ultimate blogger :)

I have a few things to mark off my list :)

53. Introduce someone to 5 bands they've never heard of.
Jessica and I shared music (go figure) and I gave her music by the following bands:
10 Years, Copeland, Quietdrive, They Early November, The Postal Service, Daphne Loves Derby, Spitalfield, June, Mae, and Lydia.

64. Visit my cousin Tanisha in Dallas.
Obviously, I was in Dallas for a week.

91. Buy five dresses and wear them for no special occasion.
I bought a new dress from Forever21, which means I only need two more!

94. Get a chemical peel.
I went to Awaken Spa and had a peel done on Saturday, July 18. It wasn't TOO bad, just stung and was itchy, blotchy, red, and peeled. haha. I'll be getting another one as soon as I can.

I feel like I have a TON of things to say, but I don't know where to start!
I'll be adding thoughts over the weekend, hopefully :)

Wednesday, July 8


I marked one more thing off my list today!
#9. Eat something new.

Jessica and I went shopping at Walmart today, basically to show me all the healthy things she eats (like turkey burgers and tilapia). I ended up spending too much. Thank you wireless internet router.

We cooked dinner. Tilapia, corn, fresh strawberries and watermelon. Oh, and cinnamon graham crackers with cream cheese icing aka the best thing ever :) Tilapia was what I had never had before, and I'm really surprised I actually agreed to try it. I absolutely can't stand seafood: even the thought of it makes me feel sick. But, I decided to be brave, and it really wasn't too bad! The only thing that bothered me was the fact that it was kind of bland and I needed something to dip it in! I'm a huge fan of sauces and condiments. Oh, and the way the bottom side of the fish looks. Grossssss. But, I will definitely be eating it again!

Oh, I'm also planning on keeping up with taking my vitamins, so, hopefully I can mark off #97 in two weeks :)

Tuesday, July 7

Mac, please.

Today, I came to the conclusion that PCs hate me.
Every. Single. One. Of. Them. HATE. Me.

Story of the day: I work at the Career & Counseling Office in the AC on Tuesdays, and as I'm walking in, I run into my boss. She decides she needs me at the Student Employment Office in the JBK...that's convenient. So I walk all the way back over to the JBK, get there, and my mouse doesn't work. Whaaaat?! Perfect. So, I unplug, plug back in, still nothing. I try the USB hookup instead. Nada. So I call the other office, and of course, we don't have any extra...mice...laying around. So I have to call the HELP desk. Just a little background information: I ALWAYS have something wrong, and have to call for help. First my computer just turns on and off, awesome. Then my email basically blows up. Even more awesome! Let's just say they basically know me by name :) So I call, and have to walk to the HELC to get a new mouse. Greg (one of several that I now know by name) offers to get me a new mouse. We walk to his office, and I'm greeted by the two student workers, who also know me. (One happens to be an attractive, foreign boy) and they just look at me and laugh. I then claim that my computer at work has something against me, and that I'm not an idiot. In a sarcastic tone, they both chime at the same time "uhhhh huuuuh". I blush, quickly get the new mouse, and walk back to the JBK. (At this point I text Jessica and say FML.) I get to the office and try it. Still a no go. So I call Greg, reboot the computer, and it works. Oh, okay. Awesome. I just loooove looking dumb :)

Point proven.

Monday, July 6

Come again.

Mother nature, why can't you let it rain in Texas more often?

I mean, really. I wish we had cloudy, rainy days like four times a week. That would be so perfect! Maybe I should just move to Washington. Or Europe! Oh, Europe, I miss you...ANYWAY. I say ditch the humidity, and bring on the rain! Please? :)

Sunday, July 5


I've obviously been slacking on the whole blog situation. I need to make it a priority to post something every day. I'll work on that.

Meanwhile, I'm going to summarize my life for the past few days.

- Work.
- Olive Garden with Jessica and Amanda. We decided to take Jessica out to celebrate her diabetic birthday :) she got free dessert, that happened to be sugar free and delicious.
- Went to Tattoo Gallery so Jessica could get her cartilage pierced. I've decided I want another tattoo...
- Watched Knocked Up for the first time. Hilarious. Also decided that Kathrine Heigl is definitely on my top five favorite actress list.

- Up at 8am.
- Parade at 10am. Saw the most adorable little boy ever. I'll post a picture of him below :)
- Lunch at Subway. The best.
- Fair on the Square. Bought a bag of Kettle Corn with Jessica. SO good.
- Air conditioning. And a nap :)
- Cooked dinner. Turkey burgers, spanish rice, fresh strawberries, and carrot sticks. MARK #79 OFF THE LIST :)
- Park for pictures and the firework show. So peaceful.
- My house for homeade ice cream, chocolate zucchini bread, and watermelon.
One of the best days of the summer.

- Slept through my alarm. Perfect.
- Breakfast burritos with my family.
- Shopping with my mom. All day. Found a cuuuuute dress for the wedding. It's perfect. Also got another dress, a cute top, and some gladiator sandals :)
- Went Chilis to meet up with Amanda, her sister Katy, and her grandma (who happens to be from Canada!)

Oh, I also accomplished the huge task of teaching my mom how to actually use her Facebook. So mark off #58 :)

Thursday, July 2

First of many.

So. Here I am. Blogging.

I never thought I would do this, but Jessica convinced me that it was good for the soul :)

And I thought this would be an appropriate first post.

101 in 1001 - July 1, 2009 to March 28, 2012

1. Stand in the ocean.
2. Go camping.
3. Take a photography class.
4. Make a "100 Things That Make Me Happy" list.
5. Sit in a coffee shop, by myself, and read.
6. Have a weekend dedicated to making art.
7. Burn 5 mix CDs for friends. [1 down, 4 to go]
8. Stay up all night to watch the sun set and the sun rise.
9. Eat something new. [7/8/09]
10. Fly a kite.
11. Go to the Art Walk at Sunset Center every 1st Friday of the month.
12. Convince one person to do this. [7/1/09]
13. Visit Houston.
14. Visit California.
15. Visit NYC.
16. Visit Washington D.C.
17. Go to a beach.
18. Get another tattoo.
19. See Paramore in concert.
20. Sell something on EBay.
21. Volunteer somewhere for at least 4 straight hours.
22. Go barefoot for a day.
23. Enter and win another art show.
24. Dedicate a whole day to watching movies.
25. Cook dinner for my family.
26. Go horseback riding in Palo Duro Canyon.
27. See John Mayer every time he tours, like I have for the past two years.
28. Study abroad, again.
29. Go to a drive in movie theatre.
30. Build something with my brother.
31. Learn how to play piano.
32. Workout with Jessica for one week.
33. Sign up to be an organ donor.
34. Star gaze, and find some new constellations.
35. Use my Flickr, and post pictures of all my artwork.
36. Go one month without cokes.
37. Play a game of softball, like the good ol’ days.
38. Make a New Year Resolution, and keep it.
39. Go skiing.
40. Spend a whole day with my dad.
41. Spend a whole day with my mom.
42. Go out dancing.
43. Delete my myspace.
44. Throw a dinner party.
45. Speak to three people I don’t know, everyday, for one week.
46. Read a biography.
47. Take a completely random class.
48. See a scary movie in a theatre.
49. Pick up a new hobby.
50. Go out of my way for people three times in one day.
51. Have a board game night.
52. Unplug for a weekend. No electronics.
53. Introduce someone to 5 bands they’d never heard of. [7/21/09]
54. Lose 15-20 pounds.
55. Find a Pen Pal.
56. Drive a mustang, old or new.
57. Keep, at least, A’s and B’s in all of my classes. Preferably A’s.
58. Get my mom to actually use her Facebook. [7/2/09]
59. Learn how to French braid hair.
60. Visit 5 states I’ve never been to.
61. Play Spin the Bottle.
62. Wear and be comfortable in a bikini.
63. Ride in a boat.
64. Visit my cousin Tanisha in Dallas. [7/13/09 - 7/17/09]
65. Ride my bicycle in Palo Duro Canyon.
66. Garage sale everything I truly don’t need.
67. Go play basketball with Amanda at least 3 times.
68. Wake up by 8:30 on a Saturday and Sunday.
69. Become involved with something on campus.
70. Fill a whole sketchbook by Spring 2010.
71. Have a Toms Style Your Sole party.
72. Reopen the Art Club at WT.
73. Use sign language as my only form of communication for one whole day.
74. Give someone a second chance.
75. Go to the zoo and feed an animal.
76. Go to Wonderland, and act like a kid.
77. Buy a new pair of Vans.
78. Get an internship, preferably for Graphic Design.
79. Try turkey burgers. [7/4/09]
80. Watch all of the seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, so I actually know what’s going on.
81. Watch all of the seasons of The Office.
82. Learn how to play guitar.
83. Dance crazy with someone in public.
84. Plant a tree.
85. Catch a fish at South East Park.
86. Buy a Polaroid camera.
87. Give blood at least 3 more times in the next year.
88. Break one bad habit.
89. Go to Walmart, but not buy anything.
90. Go one month without any "sweets".
91. Buy 5 dresses, and wear them for no special occasion. [3 down, 2 to go!]
92. Take my mom shopping, and pay for it.
93. Learn how to do the pretzel while Swing Dancing.
94. Get a chemical peel. [7/18/09]
95. Meet someone famous.
96. Draw something detailed with sidewalk chalk.
97. Take my vitamins consistently for two weeks.
98. Sing karaoke.
99. Play dress up and go out on the town.
100. Go on a picnic.
101. Make a new list when I finish this one.